Roxy "Balboa" Richardson
Roxy Muay Thai

Hi I’m Roxy “Balboa” Richardson ACE CPT, SFG II, PN

I started Lift Fight Love as a Muay Thai, strength, and mindset blog community where I could help inspire, motivate and educate others to find strength in their training and their lives.

I earned the nickname “Balboa” from battling in the ring for ten years in the sport I love, Muay Thai.

I’ve been coaching students in Muay Thai, fitness and health since 2005. After I had retired from fighting, I opened up my gym F5 Strength and Muay Thai in Los Angeles, CA where I am the head Muay Thai Coach.

My goal is to promote the sport of Muay Thai, spread the benefits of strength and share nutrition, lifestyle, and health knowledge so that others are empowered to create healthy changes in their lives.

I am also available for online distance coaching in nutrition and healthy habit changes.

Unrelated to strength training and Muay Thai, I am also crazy about cats, coffee, and creative writing. I enjoy tacos, tequila, and dancing to house music… sometimes in that order 😉

BW Fighter Photo © Jeff Dojillo