Roxy Kettlebells

Roxy is now taking online nutrition and fitness coaching clients who are ready to make positive life changes in health, fitness, and mindset.

Customized coaching using proven methods. Roxy works with clients meeting them where they are in their fitness and health journey and helps them create new healthy habits that are tailored to their goals with support, education, and guidance using a tech savvy online coaching curriculum powered by Precision Nutrition.

  • Daily reminders and lessons
  • Individualized nutrition guide
  • Customized workout program with video tutorials
  • Ongoing email support and Q&A
  • Included at no additional cost: One 30-minute Skype session per month!

It’s like having a personal trainer and life coach daily at a fraction of the cost!

Habit and Mindset – Health and Fitness Coaching with Roxy

Nutrition and Wellness Habit Change Program  – $99 per month

Nutrition and Wellness Habit Change Program with Customized Workout Program  – $149 per month

No Contract! No Risk!  100% Guaranteed – Cancel at any time if you feel the coaching is not a fit for you.

Is Online Coaching for You? Contact me for a FREE 10-minute consultation.

For those living in the Los Angeles area and interested in Muay Thai training, check out F5 Strength and Muay Thai for information on Muay Thai and Strength training.

Roxy Coaching