Hi There! I am currently accepting a few online habit change coaching clients who are ready to make positive life changes in health, fitness, and mindset. Interested in learning more? Book a quick 10 min call or video chat to see if it’s a fit for you.

Customized coaching using proven methods

I work with my clients, meeting them where they are in their fitness and health journey and helps them create new healthy habits that are tailored to their goals with support, education, and guidance. I use the principles of Motivational Interviewing (MI) to guide my coaching. MI is an evidence-based practice with over 300 studies showing its effectiveness in helping create positive habit changes that last.

My Philosophy

I believe that there is no one right way to achieve a balanced, healthy life. Every person has their inner wisdom and compass to help them make lifestyle changes. I will work with you to find your path – you get to decide the choices that are right for you.

How it Works

Set up a quick 10 min consult to see if the coaching is a fit for you. On the call, we’ll discuss your goals and see what coaching structure is right for you.

There is the option to use a daily lesson plan with the online coaching curriculum powered by Precision Nutrition or just the coaching calls with email support.

  • 4 x 20-minute video chat coaching calls per month
  • Email follow-ups after each call with customized resources, tips, and information.
  • Online daily lessons available powered by Precision Nutrition (optional).
  • Individualized nutrition guide available.
  • Customized workout program with video tutorials available (optional).


Habit and Mindset – Health and Fitness Coaching with Roxy

Nutrition and Wellness Habit Change Program  – $299 per month

Nutrition and Wellness Habit Change Program with Customized Workout Program  – $249 per month

No Contract- Month to Month Billing. 100% Guaranteed – Cancel at any time if you feel the coaching is not a fit for you.

Is Online Coaching for You? Contact me for a FREE 10-minute consultation.

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