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WMC Muay Thai

WMC Muay Thai July 18th 2010

I won my fight Sunday against Sheree Halliday (UK) in an all out war for 5 rounds. Much respect to Sheree for flying to LA to bang it out in the ring. She proved to be a fierce competitor and I was excited we put on such a great show for the fans.

Although as always there are things I want to improve upon, I know I left it all in the ring that night. Sheree had good push kicks and a couple of nice elbows (i have a sweet battle wound of four stitches over my left eye), but I was able to push the pace constantly and keep her moving backward into the ropes the whole fight with my strikes and aggression. I landed many punches that knocked her head back. Two out of three judges felt I scored the most damage and controlled the fight (Official judges scores: 48/47 and 49/46 Richardson, 48-47 Halliday), so I won by split decision. Who knows, maybe we’ll have a rematch sometime in the future 🙂

Roxy Balboa vs Sheree Halliday

Jumping punch!




My coaches did an amazing job of preparing me for Sheree’s very technical long range style. I owe it all to them.

For those who came to watch thank you for your support, it means the world to me – And thanks for all your good wishes via tumblr, twitter, facebook and myspace. My online peeps always make me smile.


A special thanks to…

  • Tuff Promotions and WMC – for making the event possible and supporting Women’s Muay Thai!
  • The RoxyFit crew: Maria Abarca, Kate McGray and Lauren Schuchman – with out you girls I would be a mess and work wouldn’t be bearly as awesome. Thanks for your passion, dedication and basic badass-ness
  • The Yard Muay Thai – Kru Mark Komuro, Joe Schilling and Jose Garcia – for making me part of your team and taking my Muay Thai skills further than even before.
  • Kris Germain (KrisFit) for keeping me motivated in the gym, making my mind sharp and putting up with my mood swings. You will always inspire me to be a better teacher.
  • CrossFit Hollywood, Andy Thompson, Maddy, JP, Jonathan, etc – working out with you guys gave me such strength and confidence. I am so much stronger than i was a year ago!
  • Revgear – your continued support over the years allows me to do what I love – thank you!
  • KOR health & Fitness -Christine, Damian and all the trainers and staff – thanks for accepting my misfit self and training style into your gym. I wouldn’t be where I am today with out you guys!
  • Guard Ya Grill – for keeping my mouth safe fro 5 rounds of war.
  • My friends, family and loved ones, you know who you are. THANK YOU!

Roxy Balboa Cross vs Sheree Halliday    Roxy Balboa vs Sheree Halliday