How to Beat Sugar Cravings

Ask yourself these questions: Do you just have to have something sweet after meals?  Does the idea of living life without bread and pasta scare you? Does afternoon fatigue prompt trips to Starbucks or a candy binge on a regular basis?  If someone offers you cookies, cakes, ice cream or candy at a party is it impossible for you to decline them?  Is it hard for you to stop after one cookie, candy, etc.?  Is drinking black coffee or tea without sweetener out of the question? Do you obsess over your next sugary treat?  If you answered “yes” to any of these questions you are probably addicted to sugar.

Sugar is addictive. Many doctors now recognize the damage of sugar addiction, although it might be several more years before we can sue Coca-Cola for pushing its “drug” on kids.  Maybe it’s not as noticeable as illegal street drugs, but sugar does give you a mild “high” – why else would we jokingly call it “kiddie crack”?  I’m not fanatical or preaching sugar abstinence.  I love ice cream just as much as the next gal, but I find that many of my clients are plagued by sugar cravings and feel out of control when it comes to their diet.  I can relate.

You’re talking to a girl who single-handedly picked every chocolate chip out of her roommate’s trail mix (sorry, Monica). I remember when I was little stealing cookies from the jar at my grandmother’s house and eating them behind the couch so I wouldn’t get caught. I’m pretty sure I also remember also eating an entire frozen pound cake – while it was still frozen. I am no angel when it comes to sugar.  My history with sugar goes deep into the core of my psyche – but although I love the occasional treat, I am no longer consumed by sugar. I rarely have insane cravings, and I can stop after just a couple bites. How did I achieve this you ask?

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Is rice healthy? What’s the deal with white vs brown?

I get asked about rice a lot. Is rice healthy? Is rice gluten free? Should I eat brown rice?

Clients tell me they make good choices and choose brown rice with meals. Some of you may have heard that all grains are bad, some of you may have heard that brown rice is better. It’s all very confusing. Let’s me try to clear this up…

The longer I am in the fitness and health industry the more my answer become: “It depends on on10” –  and this is one of those times where I’ll use that answer.

Here are ten tips on the deal with rice. I’ll try to sum this us as best I can without getting to “science-y”:

1) We as human beings have not yet evolved to tolerate grain completely. In our evolutionary history they are a relatively new addition to the diet, and since the agricultural revolution when grain became a staple of our diet we have seen a decline in health. If you want to argue this fine – I’ll help people who really want help instead – but watch this first if you need convincing.

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