Why Am I Not Losing Body Fat?


I get my body fat tested every three months using hydrostatic weighing. The past few months I have been getting in five workouts a week, logging my food in an online app, and watching my calorie intake, but when got my results I was the same percentage of fat, lean mass and scale weight as three months earlier. Immediately I asked myself, “Why Am I Not Losing Body Fat?” Not with judgment, but just in a scientific way, the way you might ask, “Why is the sky blue?”

Most people might get discouraged by no progress, but I’ve been a fitness professional for ten years, and I know a few things about fat loss and progress. I did a quick evaluation of what I had been doing vs. what I could be doing and what I have done in the past and here’s what I quickly realized.

  1. My daily life has been pretty stressful lately
  2. My macros have not been entirely on point
  3. Some of my workouts were more “maintenance” than challenging workouts
  4. I have not been willing to change a few of my “vices, ” i.e., Ice cream, wine, corn chips and bourbon
  5. If I’m truly honest, I am not nearly as motivated to lose body fat as I was when I was fighting
  6. I’ll be 38 in 2 months

#5 is a big one. Willingness. I sat down and thought to myself about how my motivation, training, body image and goals have changed since I stopped fighting.

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