What I Love about Muay Thai that I Hope Never Changes

Roxy Balboa Muay Thai 2006

This is me in January of 2006, in my pajamas, REALLY excited about Muay Thai! Why, yes those are cherries on my pants. 😉

It’s easy for me to get nostalgic about my early days of training. When I discovered Muay Thai it quickly became my sole passion. It did for me what true loves does for most people. It captivated me, thrilled me, challenged me and made me want to be a better person. Not everyone may feel this way about a sport, but everyone that becomes a fighter or even just becomes good at Muay Thai feels at least a little like this at some point and remembers it well.

I started Muay Thai in the spring of 2002 in Philadelphia when I was 24 years old. I was dating a guy who trained and he wanted to show me what it was about. At the time I was just bartending in the city after graduating college. I hit up Bally’s to workout a little on occasion, but had very little clue about fitness other than what I gathered from playing basketball in high school and reading Shape magazine – and I had definitely never taken a martial art in my life.

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