The Secret to Being Great is to Admit Your Weaknesses

My attitude is that if you push me towards a weakness, I will turn that weakness into a strength.  – Michael Jordan

I used to suck at pull ups. My reach is two inches longer than my height, and therefore I have a long way to pull myself up. Great for punching people, horrible for body weight exercises and pressing heavy things over my head. However, today I can do several pull ups, and my favorite lift is the kettlebell military press.

As an athlete, I know that the secret to getting good is to shine a magnifying glass on yourself, pin point your weaknesses (because you know your opponent is doing that) and get better at what you suck at.

When I first started training Muay Thai, I gravitated towards being a puncher. I loved everything about the jab and cross. I used the occasional kick to set up my straight punches. I was a forward fighter and somewhat one dimensional. While certain strengths can carry you far, I knew that I wouldn’t be turning pro if I was a one trick pony.

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